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Random Thingy of the Week

Ballanced Dragon Character Test

:bulletyellow::bulletblue:Ballanced Dragon Character Test:bulletyellow::bulletblue:

_____________By: Neffertity_____________

-This test was specifically created and intended for use on DRAGON characters. If applied to other species', your results will be skewed.-

*Check any/all of the boxes with an [x] that pertain to your character. And don't forget to BE HONEST!*

My character...

[]has control over an element
[]can breathe a certain element(fire breath/ice/electricity/etc...)
[]can control/breathe ALL elements
[]has an object of power
[]uses ancient items
[]is a leader
[]was born with immense powers
[]has a hidden power that he/she doesn't know of yet
[]doesn't know his/her parents
[]lost one of his/her parents
[]can shoot lasers from their eyes
[]have a state of immortality
[]were murdered and have come back
[]have bones sticking out of their body
[]were in a horrific accident
[]are covered in multiple scars
[]shoot fire from their fingers
[]has metal body parts
[]has cybernetic enhancements
[]has a metal skeleton
[]have a super-sonic roar
[]can create earthquakes
[]happen to be a black and *insert color here* dragon
[]can use magic spells
[]has alchemy mastery
[]are a master blacksmith
[]can see the future
[]have an evil/dark form
[]has extra limbs/tails/wings
[]fight with a sword
[]fight with a/two guns
[]are a ninja
[]lost both of his/her parents
[]has an unusual/rare eye color
[]has another form
[]has more than one other form
[]can shape-shift
[]has a scar
[]doesn't bleed
[]can't be hurt
[]can kill gods
[]goes to other dimensions
[]has unusual colored blood
[]is venomous
[]is part of a dying/rare race
[]were created in a lab
[]murdered their family
[]has glowing eyes
[]has solid black eyes
[]has no pupils
[]is blind
[]is the only one of their kind
[]can bring back the dead
[]is invincible (can't be hurt)
[]is immortal (can't be killed)
[]is eternal (cant die of old age)
[]is a god/goddess
[]has the power to corrupt others
[]can possess others
[]has the power to destroy the world
[]can unleash a devastating attack
[]wears jewelry or any other object to hold back their power
[]killed a friend/family member
[]is part of a prophecy
[]is "the chosen one"
[]can travel through time
[]can stop time
[]has super speed
[]eyes can change color
[]has toxic blood
[]has a royal/important family
[]can create force fields
[]have offspring

Final score:

:bulletblack: 1-19 = Poorly developed, boring character.
"Your character seems a tad bland. Perhaps work on developing their abilities and backstory a bit to improve them."

:bulletgreen: 20-49 = Interesting/well balanced character.
"You have a wonderful, attention grabbing character with an interesting backstory. Your abilities are moderate, yet strong, and your design is simply lovely! Well done!"

:bulletorange: 50-64 = Borderline character.
"Well, you've certainly got a lot going for you. But perhaps there's a little too much? Perhaps you should consider taking away some powers, or improving upon your character's backstory a bit. Try to avoid the, My parents were murdered when I was a child, I was scarred, and I am cursed, cliche..."

:bulletred: 65-73 = IMPOSSIBLE GOD CHARACTER!
"Was your intent to design an immortal and all-powerful god? If so, you've succeeded. Your character probably comes off as a bit too strong to others, and that makes them unbelievable... Try dialing down your super-mega-awesomeness just a tad."

Keep these facts in mind whenever you make a character. Sure, you want to have some power, looks, and an interesting past... But be sure that you don't cross the line and make a fool of yourself by being this, "all-powerful, unbeatable god" of a character... Power limitations are set in place to keep the balance of a character, and it's important that you develop your characters with this balance in mind. After all, what's the point of having a character who's amazing at everything?

Too many people do this, even movies and video games have characters that cross the line.... Don't join them, create a well-rounded character.

Pass this on to anyone you think should, or needs, to take this test.


Jun 24, 2017
5:44 pm
Jun 24, 2017
5:06 pm
Jun 24, 2017
3:31 am
Jun 24, 2017
3:23 am
Jun 24, 2017
12:28 am

I want some input on Neffy's feathers. What do you like best? 

49 deviants said [P] Neffertity Reference Sheet by Neffertity White with blue and black stripes.
23 deviants said [P] YouTube Banner by Neffertity White with deep blue primaries.
17 deviants said Comish - Calm in the Storm by TwilightSaint Something like this with black primaries and blue secondaries.
13 deviants said Wind dragon - tattoo design by AlviaAlcedo Something like this with soft gradients and dots.
11 deviants said Flats Trade - Wind Carry You by TwilightSaint Something like this with the primaries being the same blue as her markings.
4 deviants said [VENT] The Horizon by Neffertity Graceful white wings.
No deviants said Other? *comment with an idea*


Neffertity has started a donation pool!
1,209 / 6,000



:star:-COMMISSION KEY-:star:

:bulletorange: = Points Commission
:bulletgreen: = Arttrade/Contest Entry
:bulletpurple: = Collab
:bulletblue: = Request
:bulletred: = My Art
:bulletwhite: = Gift Piece/Prizes
:bulletyellow: = Sculpture Commission
:bulletpink: = TLOD Stuff
:bulletblack: = Awaiting Commission
:bulletwhite::dollarus: = Gift Commission
:email: = Long-Term Commission
:flame::dollarus: = Cash Commission
:dalogo: = Art Owed To Me
:megaphone: = High Priority/Deadline


:star::star::star: What I'm Currently Working On: :star::star::star:

- Next batch on the Avatar List | DragonsTEQ
- Clyde Sculpture


:star::star::star:Commissions to Complete::star::star::star:

Please note that I try to finish commissions in the order they were received. But sometimes time can get away from me, and I lack the inspiration needed to work on large pieces. Please understand, and thank you for your patience.

:iconmidnight-yamikidate: Button - Half Paid by happy-gurl
:email::bulletyellow:-[Medium] Shimmer Sculpture-
-Mods [YES] :: Glowing/floating tail ring, custom necklace.
~Progress: Sculpture Progress Bar-clay by L3Moon-Studios
:flame::dollarus:-Digital Terron Reference Sheet-
~Progress: 15% progress bar - star blue by AngelLale87
:bulletyellow:-[Mini] *** Sculpture-
-Mods [NO]
~Progress: Sculpture Progress Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletyellow:-[Small] Gaikotsu Sculpture-
-Mods [YES] :: Removable wings.
~Progress: Sculpture Progress Bar-clay by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletwhite:-Birthday Comic-
~Progress: 0% progress bar - blue star by AngelLale87
:bulletgreen:-Dark Injection:: ???-
~Progress: 0% progress bar - blue star by AngelLale87

:iconsavrin330: Button - Paid by happy-gurl
:email::bulletyellow:-[Medium] Clyde Sculpture w/stand-
-Mods [YES] :: Realistic scale detail, open maw detail, necklace detail.
~Progress: Sculpture Progress Bar-detail by L3Moon-Studios
:email::bulletyellow:-[Medium] Paminto Sculpture w/stand-
-Mods [YES] :: Realistic scale detail, open maw detail, forest stand.
~Progress: Sculpture Progress Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:flame::dollarus:-Jeremiah Ref Sheet w/extras-
~Progress: 0% progress bar - blue star by AngelLale87
:flame::dollarus:-Dragonscale Sketchbook w/ 20 sketches-
~Progress: 60% progress bar - star blue by AngelLale87

:iconstardustdragon258: Button - Paid by happy-gurl
:flame::dollarus:-DI:: Isaiah "Lunar Effigy"-
~Progress: 45% progress bar - star blue by AngelLale87
:flame::dollarus:-DI:: S.T.A.R.D.U.S.T "Critical Failure"-
~Progress: 0% progress bar - blue star by AngelLale87
:flame::dollarus:-Anthro Incognito-
~Progress: 0% progress bar - blue star by AngelLale87
:flame::dollarus:-Dragonscale Sketchbook w/sketches-
~Progress: 90% progress bar - star blue by AngelLale87

:iconsoronasulea: Button - Paid by happy-gurl
:flame::dollarus:-Digital Perspective Painting:: "Unmatched"-
~Progress: 0% progress bar - blue star by AngelLale87

:iconubercatsr: Button - Paid by happy-gurl
:flame::dollarus:-Digital Rina Reference Sheet w/extras-
~Progress: 0% progress bar - blue star by AngelLale87

:iconamaranthinerain: Button - Paid by happy-gurl
:bulletyellow:-[CHIBI] Combo 4-Pack-
~Progress: Sculpture Progress Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios



Other Art Stuff To Finish


:bulletorange:-Concept Sketch for devianttwins14-
:bulletred:-2017 Neffertity Reference Sheet-
:bulletred:-Re-do the Neffertity Sculpture-
:bulletyellow:-BJD for ValoriantheWingless-

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Neffertity's Profile Picture
Brittani Stumne | 23
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Hello, I'm Brittani Lynn Stumne. But most of you know me as my primary OC, Neffertity, or Neffy for short. I've been drawing since I was three years old, and not a day goes by that I don't learn something new. I'm always aiming to learn new techniques and better myself along the way. Talking to me, you'll find I'm a very kind, and gentle person. I'm easy-going, and very easy to talk to. But when you get to be close friends with me, you'll find I have a very humorous side as well. I love laughter, and being able to make others laugh. :heart:

Over the years, I've gained a bit of a reputation as a "Mind-Reader Artist". Others describe this as me being able to see what's inside their heads, and bring it to life in a drawing that exceeds their expectations. Hearing this is the greatest praise I can receive, and I am so incredibly thankful for all the support my friends on DA give me. :love: Another thing I feel I should mention about myself, is that I am a PSI Graduate. In 2012 I took a special class that tore apart who I thought I was, and made me who I am today. The experience was rough, and it brought up lots of painful memories for me. But going through it all helped me to understand why I was the person I was. And now I'm a completely different person. My outlook on life is different, and even the way I talk to others is. I know I still have a great deal to learn about life, but I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Both good, and bad.

As far as what I do in my spare time, I love trying to make new things and play some video games. Among my favorites are the Elder Scrolls games, the Assassin's Creed Ezi trilogy, a couple MMO's, and of course the lovely Minecraft. :D Those who've played any games with me will find that I'm a recreational gamer. I play casually, and almost never rage out. Why bother getting mad a video game right? It's just a game.


:bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple: My Idol :bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple:
:bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple::love: :iconseasaltshrimp: :love::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue:

:bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple: My Boyfriend :bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple:
:bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple::love: :iconmidnight-yamikidate::iconneffertity::love::bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletblue:


Current Residence: Pahrump, Nevada
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium 14/16
Print preference: Black Stretched Canvas Print
Favourite genre of music: DUBSTEP/Uplifting/Country
Favourite photographer: None...
Favourite style of art: Digital and colored pencil
Operating System: Windows 10
Drawing Systems: Wacom Intuos Pro tablet with Photoshop CS6
Favorite Song: :cd:Owl City:: To the Sky:cd:
Shell of choice: Anything dragon related
Wallpaper of choice: Dragons or glowy plants
Skin of choice: Dragons!
Favorite cartoon character: Rex (from Generator Rex)
Personal Quote: "Embrace the 3 P's of art: Practice, patience, and persistence."
Skype: NeffertitytheDragoness (however I won't just randomly add you, so please ask before adding me)
Email: (yes you have to include the periods)
PlayStation Network: Neffertity_



:icondrakos2009: :iconadammurphy: :iconvulcanmetaldragon: :iconsilverdragonoh229: :iconsabre471: :iconsahrend-the-dragon: :iconterraflareixen: :iconfredje323: :iconspirited-wolves: :iconstardustdragon258: :iconkatrinathedragon93: :iconinsurgent-knight: :icongoldendragonart: :iconbluestrike2434: :iconshadow-arcanist: :iconmarluxiaflower: :iconbloodmaiden92: :iconskyspiritdragon: :iconmidnight-yamikidate: :iconseasaltshrimp: :iconmldivers: :iconvrani: :icondevianttwins14: :iconsoronasulea: :iconventriloquistbeast: :iconruscsi: :icondreit: :iconkingmaggots: :iconeskimodogsrule: :iconnavarose: :iconhighwind-vinnie7: :icondaringashia:


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